July 29, 2005

Do Not Learn the Way of the Gentiles

Trinity Baptist Church Deacon, Stiles Watson has written an excellent piece on the subject of the biblical view of education. He begins with the statement in Jeremiah 10:2

“Thus saith the LORD, Learn not the way of the heathen”

He Explains:
The Hebrew word translated in Jeremiah 10:2 as “heathen” is Goyim. The Hebrew word can be translated as “heathen,” “people,” or “nations” and refers to non-Jewish peoples — the Gentiles or unbelievers. We can understand the passage this way: The Lord commands us not to learn the ways or customs of those who do not believe.Young’s Literal Translation has it as “Unto the way of the nations accustom not yourselves.”

"Do believers really need any other argument to pull their children out of the pagan public school system?"

You can read the whole article here:


July 27, 2005

Creative Christianity

My generation (the baby boomers) valued personal creativity over christian substance. We created a number of popular movements which became destructive influences in the church. After fifty years of "Creative Christianity", now we have a church that is indistinguishable from the world.

Three Inspiring Eighty Year Olds

My son David and I had lunch with three very inspiring eighty year old men who are finishing well. They stand out for many reasons. First, each of them desire the Lordship of Christ in their lives. Second they are leading stunningly productive lives. Buck Bunn (right) still practices law and goes to the office nearly everyday. He had to leave our lunch meeting at 1:00 for a tennis appointment. Bill Henderson (middle) goes to his Raleigh office to work everyday and most Saturdays. Yesterday he closed a 350 acre real estate deal. Bill Brown (left), just finished reviewing four books for me on the trends in modern education in the US (public schools and universities). Each of these men have an active role in teaching their grandchildren.

These men keep on ticking, keep on giving, and keep on producing and keep on teaching… inspiring in every way.

We've Been BrainWashed

My Dad says, “ We’ve been brainwashed”

My father just finished a project on my behalf. He read and reviewed four books about our public school and university system for me. He has written me a letter and a report to brief me. These books are about the trends and statistics for what is taught and what is being learned. Each book is devastating. I recommend them highly.

Here are the books.

Jim Black, Freefall of the American University
Eric Buehrer, The Public Orphanage
Brainwashed, Ben Shapiro
The Harsh Truth about Public Schools, Bruce N Short

My WWII generation father says this of his generation:

“We went to war and won and our leaders then allowed our schools and embassy relations create hatred for this country. We paid professors to teach the same hatred for the US that Hitler and Tojo taught their people.

He quotes twenty year old Ben Shapiro,

“Today’s college classrooms are dungeons of the mind. The professors have traded in their textbooks for pornography and communist manifestos. The graduation march has become an assembly line of raving liberals, mindlessly fulfilling the university’s propaganda… Higher education continues to sink lower and lower into the depths of liberal madness as close-minded professors turn their students into socialists, atheists, race-baiters, and sex-crazed narcissists.”

July 26, 2005

The Fighting Spirit of the French

“Going to war without France is like going deer hunting without your accordion.”
Norman Schwartzkopf

"I would rather have a German division in front of me than a French one behind me.”
General George Patton

French Gov Terror Alert

This just in:
The French government announced yesterday that it has raised its terror alert level from 'Run' to 'Hide'. The only two higher levels in France are 'Surrender' and 'Collaborate'. The rise was precipitated by a recent fire which destroyed France's only white flag factory, effectively paralysing their military.