December 08, 2004

Civil Unions, The Bush Administration’s Bogus Compromise

Civil Unions, The Bush Administration’s Bogus Compromise.

The Bush Administration’s civil union compromise is a sham. Interestingly enough, the President rejects homosexual marriage but supports civil unions. Here are a couple of quotes from the Concerned Women for America’s web site that expose the duplicity of the position:

“Now that voters have made it clear they strongly oppose gay marriage, civil unions are being touted as a compromise. But they are just gay marriage by another name.”

“More children will be at risk. If the government says the sexes are interchangeable, children will be placed in motherless or fatherless homes by design. Marriage will no longer be the gold standard. Children will get the message that homosexual sex is normal, and that anyone who thinks otherwise is a bigot.”

Why is the issue of homosexual marriage so important? There are so many reasons… including the fact that it is a part of the broader satanic attack against godly seed (Genesis 3:15). The gender war which express itself through a multitude of manifestations is nothing more that satan waging war against the God and His creation order institution of the family. Not only is the devil luring women out of the home in platoons, he is destroying the trans generational plan of God through the disfigurement of marriage.